Hi-Light and Contour Palette



Now you can have the perfect Hi-Light and Contour Palette for all skin tones.

Hi-Light adds subtle shimmer and glow on every skin tone.

N1 is the shimmer free option for highlighting the upper cheek bones and upper jaw line.

R5 is the perfect bronzer for light to medium skin tones and doubles as a subtle, natural highlight on the upper cheek bone and jaw line of dark complexions.

N7 can be used as a bronzer for medium skin tones or a contour color for light skin.

R9 is a wonderful addtion of warmth and depth for around the perimeter of the face on medium to dark skin complextions.

N11 is the color needed for a deep contour under the cheek bones and jawline on medium to dark skin tones.

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Silicone Free – Paraben Free – Fragrance Free – Cruelty Free

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