KETT Airbrush Workshops

Workshops are offered regularly at the New York City HD Studio as well as locations worldwide. 

Private and group trainings available upon request.

Kett Airbrush Level 1

Basic Airbrush Level 1

Kett Fundamentals:

The Level 1 Airbrush Makeup Workshop represents an intro to the world of airbrush makeup artistry.  Practice session includes airbrushing on paper, yourself and each other. Walk away with an understanding of how to control an airbrush to and acheive the look desired. Workshop lessons include:

  • The Essentials of Airbrushing
  • How to Color Match and Correct Skin Imperfections
  • How to Highlight and Contour the Face and Body
  • Airbrush Maintenance

Airbrush training supplies provided by KETT.
Class Fee: $395

Kett Airbrush Level 2

Advanced Level 2

The Fine Art of Airbrushing:

Advance to Level 2 with a focus on total airbrush control. Basic airbrush skills are required for this hands on Advanced Airbrush Workshop. Special attention is given to product ingredients and their appearance on HD. Practice session includes fine detail work on the eyes and creating 3 dimensional face charts. Focus on:

  • Fine detail
  • 3D shading
  • Eyeshadow design
  • Multi layering techniques

Airbrush training supplies provided by KETT.
Class Fee: $395


Tattoo Cover

Erase any trace of ink in this hands on workshop. Say "I do" to the next bride who asks if you cover tattoos. With color theory at the core of all neutralization, the Camouflaging Tattoos Workshop focuses on full coverage makeup using the Hydro Proof Makeup formulation for a smudge proof-water proof makeup application. Learn how to:

  • Color correct
  • Color match
  • Camouflage tattoos
  • Re-introduce the natural look and texture of skin. Freckles included.

Airbrush training supplies provided by KETT.

Class Fee: $395.00


Hydro Proof Class

The Hydro Proof Hybrid:

Combine the fine detail work covered in a Level 2 workshop with the color theory approach and tattoo coverage skills of a Level 3. Build upon your airbrush skill set using the most durable airbrush makeup available, Hydro Proof Makeup. HP is ideal for outdoor, extreme weather makeup applications when a waterproof, smudge proof makeup application is required. Basic Airbrush skills needed. Learn how to:

  • Create a Water Proof Makeup Application
  • Advance Your Fine Detail Expertise
  • Implement Color Theory
  • Camouflage Tattoos

Airbrush training supplies provided by KETT.

Class Fee: $395.00

Private Workshop

Kett Cosmetics HD Studio

Customize your training with a Private, one on one workshop tailored specifically to your needs. Call for details and location information. 1-718-352-1400